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Separation & Divorce Counselling


There are times when marriages and partnerships become irretrievably broken and divorce or separation is the most practical end result.

When relationships come to an end some parties may find relief in the closure, whilst others are left with a sense of grief and stress during this time of transition. No matter how amicable the situation, relational separation is on of the most stressful life events a person can endure.

One or both partners may experience a range of emotions, including grief, anger, confusion, fear, shame and anxiety. Questions about how to cope can be overwhelming, dealing with legal separation, mediation, and a parenting plan all whilst dealing with your own feelings of loss. Divorce counselling can support individuals in navigating the spectrum of emotions in a healthy way and balanced way.

Difficult decisions will need to be made which can be overwhelming and something you may not feel comfortable sharing details with friends and family.

With emotions running high, many divorcing couples choose to use divorce counselling , to help them move forward after a divorce and for those with children, how to transition to co-parenting.

Divorce counselling offers tools to help make intentional decisions about the relationship to improve the daily lives of partners in the process of separation. Pre-divorce counselling can be sought by individuals or couples who are preparing for divorce, whereas post-divorce counselling can be used for former couples or individuals who are already divorced. Both provide safe spaces to work through issues in a respectful manner with professional guidance to help you through any stumbling blocks.

Our divorce counsellor can help guide you through the process, by keeping the nuances of your relationship in mind, allowing you and your partner to arrive at your own conclusions. Divorce counselling reduces the stress of an impending divorce, and can also be used as a tool to help partners decide whether to stay in the relationship, leave the relationship, or how to transition from married life to single life. 


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