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Individual Counselling


Individual counselling offers a calm, safe, non-judgemental space to explore and transition to a better, deeper and more accepting relationship with yourself and others.

Our counsellor is there to walk beside you on this journey, to support your feelings and thoughts and allow your emotions to surface. Working in collaboration with our counsellor can help you to become empowered and regain your autonomy. 

At Soar Counselling we provide an integrated counselling approach which brings together many modalities including Person Centred, CBT and Transaction Analysis. All of which means we can help our clients deal with the day-to-day immediate problems and challenges whilst also looking back to where and how it started. Our role is to help you through difficult times and to allay any fears and concerns you may have.

Additionally we offer support for issues specific to women, women face challenges that are unique to their gender, such as sexism, stereotyping, motherhood, childbirth issues, infertility struggles and menopause. Many women struggle with gender roles and may feel pressured to balance a career and family whilst continuing to add responsibilities and expectations without relief from a high workload, this leaves them feeling overwhelmed, stressed and tired. 

Whether you need help navigating family relationships or coping with life’s challenges, we are here to help you live a rewarding, successful and joyful life. At Soar Counselling, we combine a compassionate empathic approach with practical solutions to help.

We have extensive experience with grief, loss, anxiety, health issues, lack of self esteem and confidence issues. 

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