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Narcissistic & Emotional Abuse Recovery


Victims can feel alone and like no one understands what they are going through. Often suffering from anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks, or other physical ailments such as fatigue, inability to sleep, or stomach problems.

Shame and self blame can prevent individuals from seeking help, questioning why they didn’t see it? Why did they let it go on so long? Feeling like they have lost the person they used to be.

Do you feel it’s time to take your power back and move on with your life? 

If so, we can help: 

  • you understand why you didn’t see or ignored the signs
  • you understand how someone could deliberately cause you pain
  • you to find closure after what you’ve been through
  • you to break the cycle of unhealthy relationships in your life
  • you co-parent with your narcissistic ex
  • you to avoid falling for another narcissist
  • you to stop hurting and start living again


At Soar Counselling we are here to support our clients whilst they deal with the associated trauma caused by these types of relationships and help to rebuild their confidence and rediscover their autonomy. 

Depressed black woman having consultation with psychologist, suffering from PTSD at mental clinic

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