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Relationship and Family Counselling


This can be for individuals, couples, children and parents, siblings or even friends. Many seek relationship counselling when they are finding life difficult or stressful and they need some time and space.

Utilising the support from a trained counsellor, we can help our clients discover what is, or isn’t going on in their relationship.

Our role at Soar Counselling is to support our clients in order for them to feel safe and heard, by their counsellor, themselves and each other. Challenging times can burden relationships, we offer a supportive, empathetic approach.  We are here to help  explore areas that may be difficult, the work/life balance, self-esteem issues individually and within a relationship, family issues and all the other myriad areas that can trigger deep responses within ourselves that then come to the fore in our relationships.

We ensure that we work within the remits and boundaries that individuals agree on so that everyone in the room feels safe and valid. At Soar Counselling for couples we utilise the IMAGO dialogue process which creates a safe place, incorporating speaking and listening techniques that facilitates contingent communication.

Young couple having marriage counselling

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